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Medical Cannabis And Ibd: What Does The Research Say?

Medical Cannabis And Ibd: What Does The Research Say?

Those who live with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) do so with the knowledge that there is no cure for the disease, at least for now. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, divided into two types of infections, can cause intense discomfort, diarrhea, fatigue, and involuntary weight loss. Both conditions are expected to affect millions of people worldwide, and the diagnoses will increase even in developed countries.

The impact of IBD not only affects the body. Mentally, the patients feel isolated and alone, since the symptoms prevent many from being able to socialize freely and carry out their daily activities. Unfortunately, one of the most affected demographic groups is adolescents and children. Approximately a quarter of all IBD diagnoses are under 20 years old.

Woman With Pain In The Stomach

Given the lack of a cure for the condition, the goal of treating IBD is to reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms. This is achieved with different degrees of success. Not all health professionals have the evidence and research necessary to provide advice on holistic treatments when traditional medications fail.

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